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online library of norman macrae-- Entrepreneurial Revolution - the curriculum of how to value small enterprise and sustainability exponentials of the net generation - was started by alumni of Norman Macrae The Economist 1972. By 1976, Norman was clarifying why the sixth of the world (whose brand reality is) communal pride and individually passionate to be Chinese need to be valued by netgen as critical friends to uniting sustainability race for planet and humanity. More on "why china" is systematically pivotal to 21st C coming of age in sidebar. maps 1) countries joining Chinese inspired sustainability open systems solutions as well as 2) which global youth professions (eg coding) are mapping value sustaining trades with china - eg EWTP : 21st C version of Silk Road of celebrated by Marco Polo and Hangzhou goal 14 oceans AIIB 1 ted hosts -- 2017 year of mapping sustainability banking -china to commercialize 5g by 2020 -valuing culture -jack ma 1 2 e3

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the job summit is the second biggest meeting humanity has ever assembled; the launch of global grameen was the first in my opinion - grameen is the organsiation system designed for the purpose of sustained job creation

editorial from associates of LondonCreativeLabs – capital cities in developed nations first job creation social business faciliated by those dedicated to translating the bangaldehsi model and third of a century’s experiments with the world’s greatest invention (contact founder sofia bustamante direct at web or through DC agency chris - info )

the story began in 1976 – the local system exponential in bangladesh has created 8 millions jobs for the world's poorest female housholders impacting between 30 to 40 million family members; parallel microcredits in bangladesh have subsequently emulated these numbers

worldwide microcredit's job creation marketplaces the social business system way has probably reached about 70 million of the world's poorest householders and 250 million family members

but that does not tell the story of how the members next generation are now literate and have been culturally brought up in job creating community spaces

can the idea of investing in the most underemployed's productivity so that they will invest in community regeneration work anywhere?- yes we can just do it –which may be symbolically why Nike Foundation has invested in the girl power of bangladesh’s newest job creating network Grameen Nurse Institute;

naturally the system design needs to be understood as something wholly different from what developed nations think of as banking;

the whole truths of microcredit banking are designed to compound these empowering value multipliers:

invests in productivity locally, not credit for conspicous consumption

invests in freeing markets to be owned by the community (its greatest sustainability developers which are the poorest) so that value gets reinvested in the community not creamed out by some coloniser sitting in a big city

invests in 10-win compound investment exponentials rising which require the exact opposite maths of rewarding he (whose job-destroying behavioural traits) are conditioned by extracting most from others last quarter no matter what sustainability conflicts or coming crashes have been let into the system

it's not just that NW govs are no longer used to valuing microeconomics the way entrepreneurs as recently as 1976 led, many govs have paased laws against such banking so this is why dr yunus has translated the social business system model to any sustainability crisis in a community you want to solve- from job creation to healthcare to nutrition to water, to media and education that will increase your procductive capabilities and network that kind of knowledge whose value multiplies in use instead of either beng consumed up or ruled over by a global profession so that localities are blocked from simply serving themselves in these days where most knowledge can be transmitted at a digital click together with a bit of local nursing

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