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Sunday, May 5, 2013

team a saudi, egypt, uae bahrain -saudi doesnt like the media voice of qatar and has cut off  qatars only land border; uae feels qatar has let down  the uniform view it tried to present, egypt continues on its curent arc of surpressing any friend of muslim brotherhood  - team a probably includes pakistan as an oll ally of saudi?

team b qatar , iran (continuing food and other air imports), turkey

on fence kuwait, oman

lost nation syria

?recovering lost nation iraq?

our view (and this is a region we have very little knowledge of) is westerners should keep out of arab conflicts and uae should really see if it can mend its own fences first-  (because winning a war does not explain where country goes next - see iraq, libya as case studies of terrifying wastes of youth on all sides

however we are extreme sad because we loved the 2 great education summitds that had emerged round wise qatar with beijing and madrid - and dubai who are now on opposite sides of uae's huge opportunities to connect 21st c as superports are designed to do

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