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Thursday, May 30, 2013

#BR7 qatar review 2017 by former china ambassador to qatar and leader of wise@ beijing

Gao: It's only a matter of time before the crisis in Qatar is resolved

  • 高有祯
    GaoFormer Ambassador of China to Qatar
2017-06-12 08:44:26Size:a- A a+SOURCE: Observer Network
Keyword:QatarQatar's severing crisisSaudi ArabiaThe situation in the Middle EastChina and Qatar
"On the June 10, the first Shanghai Middle East Forum was held at Shanghai Foreign Studies University. Coincidentally, before the forum, Middle Eastern countries had just experienced a diplomatic earthquake, and 8 countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, had announced that they had severed ties with Qatar, making it the worst divisive event since the GCC was founded. At the forum, Gao, China's former ambassador to Qatar, in his opening speech, discussed his views on the incident based on his diplomatic experience and was interviewed by the Observer network after the meeting. 
Ambassador Gao: It is a great pleasure to attend the first Shanghai Middle East Learning Forum and to have the opportunity to exchange views with you on Middle East affairs. I am speaking on the subject of Qatar and China card relations. Just a few days before our meeting, there was a major incident in the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf of Bahrain and Egypt breaking ties with Qatar, and the adoption of three-dimensional sanctions, which were severed by land, sea and air, creating a serious antagonism between the two sides.
After what happened, there was some reaction from all sides, with US president Trump saying he mentioned Iran as supporting terrorism when he visited the Saudis in the Middle East, and that a country like Qatar stopping supporting terrorism was a new beginning in counter-terrorism. At the same time, the United States can also help mediate relations between countries such as Shah and Qatar.
Several other Islamic countries have joined the ranks of severing ties. Iran says it supports Qatar, which, if needed, can provide Qatar with a variety of urgently needed supplies through three ports. Turkey initially expressed its support for Qatar, followed by a resolution by Parliament to consider sending troops to Qatar. Because a memorandum of understanding had previously been reached between Qatar and Turkey, they could send military support to each other once they had something to do with each other. In addition, Tunisia has been pressured by all sides to break ties with Qatar, but Tunisia has made it clear that it will not break ties. It can also be seen from this that the Arab countries also have different attitudes towards the severing of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Pakistan also said it had no intention of severing ties with the card.
On the Qatar side, it was first shocked that countries such as Saudi Arabia had severed ties with them and expelled ambassadors, claiming that they had not supported terrorist activities, a charge imposed on cards by countries such as Saudi Arabia. Qatar also indicated that what they had done and provided in the fight against terrorism was known to the United States, and that there was no act in support of terrorist activities.
After the severing of diplomatic ties, the Emir of Qatar would have delivered a national speech to respond to the incident, in fact, it was also a mobilization order, mobilizing the people of the country and the government to fight together to tide over the current diplomatic crisis. As a result of Kuwait's good offices, the Emir of Qatar suspended his speech. The good offices of Kuwait, the card welcomed and the positive attitude.
In addition, both the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Qatar and the Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights are saying that countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar have broken ties and imposed sanctions on land, sea and air, which are actually overdone than some hostile countries have done. None of these countries has imposed such harsh and inhumane measures on their own hostile countries.
Why is it inhumane? After the break-up, Qatar published some information, the Qatari Human Rights Commission in 48 hours received more than 400 complaints, many such as the Saudis, the UAE married to the Qatari, there are the opposite, the Gulf three countries in Qatar to study in hundreds of, in this case, They all had to leave Qatar or leave the three countries of the Gulf, causing wives. A Qatari woman who married a Saudi and is now a widow with a child will have to leave the kingdom alone to return to Qatar and leave her children in Saudi Arabia. This is inhumane, so Qatar is ready to report to international human rights organizations.

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