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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dear Clare

From what I can see on CGTN Theresa May's  Golden Era visit to Beijing went very well

If you hear of any follow up events where Brits (English-speaking nations) can celebrate connecting in Beijing I would love to know. I wish for example that there was a week engaging tsinghua and peking university students the way Romano Prodi did last year with special thanks to Bridge Cafe's owner Lily. Its strange how Prodi only explained half the story of how the med sea used to be the happiest coast for nations to share while the Silk Road sustained humanity between 1000-1500.

A particular goal of my family's  friends is to launch Belt Road as a curiculum where every country can start a 5th graders iq test on positive win-win trade route connections with China and where newly WISE connections between groups of countries progress sustainability goals. For example most of the original silk road was replaced by British colonialism all along the south coasts of Eurasia. Although Queen Victoria asked my compatriot James Wilson (founder of The Economist) to start reversing this in 1860, James only lasted 9 months in Calcutta before dying of diarrhea. Broadly speaking Adam Smith, James Wilson, Marx and Keynes all would have cheered largely for Belt Road going worldwide now, and booed those who erect walls. I am hopeful that the British connections at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bankwill start to reverse the 99% of western economists and bankers who now rule over totally different system exponentials than Smith's hi-trust markets. Jin's daughter being at the LSE and a favorite of Tian Wei helps too.

If you have an idea of who in various British Embassy in China, or James' Bank  or Cameron's new uk-sino fund or other networks might see this as a good opportunity please tell me. In light of Trump and Brexit it is one of the tragic ironies of the next decade that sustainability of all youth will depend mainly on sharing 4 languages Mother Tongue Chinese English and Coding. Making the English language accessible to every chinese and global youth who wants to learn it at 10 times lower cost could be both the greatest cause of friendship between our nations and the simplest way to change education towards goals and livelihoods all youth need to be the sustainability generation

I understand some people will say these ideas sound simplistic, But I am hopeful we will be able to bring Sir Fazle Abed into this from the girls empowerment side (and largest non government schooling system, one of british aid's successful billion dollar aid processes) and its my view that Jinping's greatest need this year is connecting partnerships with Modi (especially India's tech wizards) which all of the above can help with

I should say that it was Chinese female students like Amy who inspired me to see how geohistory's jigsaw puzzle fits ( any errors in translation are of course mine alone)

Clare do you also know Mary and JialingHan  - two of Beijing's great heroines of education for all and linking china and the greatest education for youth summits around the world including United Nations General Assembly Sept 2018.


chris macrae  washington dc 240 316 8157. Norman Macrae Family Foundation

Macrae Foundation has an allied project where we invite youth to vote on world record jobs creators (WRJC). Taking the teachings of these top 5 helps cross-validate all of the above.

WRJC League Table 2018-2019- nominations welcome
1 Xi Jinping
2 Antonio Guterres
3 Sir Fazle Abed 

5 Pope Francis
6= Sheikha Moza, Erna Sornberg, President Ghana, Justin Trudeau
10 Elon Musk

WE would love to find a Brit who consistently lives up to being in jobs for sustainability youth's favorite list. I suppose nominating Sir Danny Alexander wouldn't help him at this stage of new dev banking partnerships. Really need one of the Royal Family to stand up for Belt Road now. It fits with all of Charles favorite foundations as far as I can see as well as the speech my father wrote for Charles for his visit to Tokyo when Japan was becoming the most positive economy for the wide world

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