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Saturday, July 13, 2013

extract from trump infrastructure plan


Expand Pell Grant Eligibility to High-Quality, Short-Term Programs



The Federal Government spends tens of billions of dollars each year in grants
for postsecondary education. However, the vast majority of these funds are
available only to help pay for courses that meet certain time and/or length
requirements. This model is becoming outdated given the expansion of shortterm education and workforce development programs that teach relevant skills
and help individuals secure well-paying jobs. For example, Pell Grants are
generally available only to students who do not yet have a bachelor’s degree
and who are enrolled in institutions of higher education offering degree
programs of at least 600 clock hours or 15 weeks in length.
Pell Grants are not available for individuals pursuing shorter-term
certifications, including persons who are in skilled trades and who are
achieving certifications as part of an apprenticeship program. The Workforce
Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) can fund some of these types of
education, but its funding is broadly distributed across a variety of workforce
development efforts.
Expanding Pell Grant eligibility to high-quality, short-term programs would
allow individuals to use Pell Grants to pay for short-term programs that lead to
a credential or certification in an in-demand field. There is no “one size fits
all” approach to postsecondary education. Rather, there are multiple pathways
to success for students, and Federal law should enable students to explore and
access these pathways. It is of utmost importance that, as Pell recipients are
given greater flexibility in spending grant dollars, measures are undertaken to



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