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online library of norman macrae-- Entrepreneurial Revolution - the curriculum of how to value small enterprise and sustainability exponentials of the net generation - was started by alumni of Norman Macrae The Economist 1972. By 1976, Norman was clarifying why the sixth of the world (whose brand reality is) communal pride and individually passionate to be Chinese need to be valued by netgen as critical friends to uniting sustainability race for planet and humanity. More on "why china" is systematically pivotal to 21st C coming of age in sidebar. maps 1) countries joining Chinese inspired sustainability open systems solutions as well as 2) which global youth professions (eg coding) are mapping value sustaining trades with china - eg EWTP : 21st C version of Silk Road of celebrated by Marco Polo and Hangzhou goal 14 oceans AIIB 1 ted hosts -- 2017 year of mapping sustainability banking -china to commercialize 5g by 2020 -valuing culture -jack ma 1 2 e3

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 w.europe's best jobs news for sustainability gen 2018

- it so inspiring when a national leader speaks to youth livelihoods training like timo did at min52.15

1 artic university - finland new university celebrtaes huge agends to study with the artic council-
related china's artic belt 1 2 collaboration white paper track revolution of knowledge economy's missing curricula now possible between engish and chinese psekaers thans to aunty may in beijing.

2 revolutionary english speaking knowledge curricula now expected from Aunty May in China

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