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Thursday, November 28, 2013

singapore invents crowdsourcing delivery- individuals paid to deliver ecommerce - ai used to determine efficient delivery combos

why the world should thank singapore
singapore isnt just education world's smartest island state - nor is just the archetypal case of how superports win-win for everyone when they occupy geographically key spaces but do so in ways that every culture in the world feels fairly traded with

singapore over recentg decades often seems to be the long stop for resolving disputes that might otherwise blow asean region apart or lsoe the focus the world needs on win-wins between the 2 billion person nations india and china

in mediating entreprenurial revolution , we have taken the view over 50 years that the 21st c must demand that the econolmics profession values developing people- ultimately this the yin and yang of:
world's largest nations in terms of people must have leading economic roles - india and china were the laregst economies in 1800 then the world spent 200 yeras being organised by nations that sued the most carbon (which by early 1900s started to mean which nations won wars to take ecah others carbon resourecs)

equally singapore demonstartes that small regions -eg under 5 milion people can expect to be happiest and most wealthiest of all if they specvialise in knowhow that the world needs 5 million people to hub in win-win ways - (see our note on singapore founder as world record job crdeator- when the britsh hurriedly exited singpore it was by no mans obvious how singapore would survive let alone become the economic miracle it has developed round its people
e99 lee kuan yew

no wonder that Mahbubani the dean of singpore leading university has a new book out on the asean miracle but is also a long-term supporter of the shagri-la dialogue on how can the whole region ensure peace and demand this trust can flow from its most populous natiobns ie china and india

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