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Saturday, September 17, 2016

big philantrhopy - china on rising exponential

philanthropy has become a big debate in china this year

july jack ma hosted first 1000 philanthropist summit (again in home city hangzhou 2 months later the epicentre of g20) and gave stage to educators gordon brown and sal khan- at the same time ma strongly prefers forming a club of businessmen who want to do most conscious thing with their sectors rather than ones who just donate like zuckenberg and pony ma (tencents is china's facebook)

coincidentally after ma the clearest example of a sector leader is the number 1 sustainable building entrepreneur zhang yue who comes from amy's home city so with luck some of her top 10 high school, students can be chosen from budding architects or green engineers- that will also get us closer to prince charles- because of him london leads in hosting the green lareates and at least 4 bbc nature journalists linkedin including one who is lapsed friend from 2009 leadership tours to bangladesh when we thought yunus wanted to lead green youth

april pony ma  of tencent - one of the big 3 interenet companies - and only one in shenzhen stater foundation see footnote

i know jose is focusing shenzhen and maybe opening office there next year - amy wants to given that song who has long done work for dianne china (and who originally met joanne and kiehl on the one day off she had in new york is based in shenzehen
shenzen is also lone of 5 mit fablab cities

please tell me if you see any more shenzen things we should be trying to connect
it used to have a great university leader (the one ranked as best case in wise's research motovated by sir fazle abed) but he was thrown out because china is very touchy about which universites are designated to lead what types of innovation  Bangkok Post article

The founder of China's Internet giant Tencent will donate $2 billion in shares to charity, the company said -- one of the largest gifts ever given in a country whose new super-rich have no tradition of philanthropy.
Pony Ma, Tencent's chief executive, will give the shares to a new foundation for mainland projects in health, education and environmental conservation, among other issues, his company said.
The donation -- which will vest over several years -- appears to be the largest ever by a single individual in China, where there is great public mistrust of charitable organisations battered by years of scandal.
"After 10 years of exploration and participation in philanthropic activities, I increasingly feel that a longer-term and more organized way is needed to give back to society," Ma said.
Pony Ma is the 34th richest man in the world with a net worth of $20.2 billion, according to Bloomberg's ranking of billionaires.
China's top businessmen fall far behind their Western counterparts in corporate social responsibility.
In 2014, Jack Ma and Joe Tsai, co-founders of rival Internet behemoth Alibaba, pledged to establish a philanthropic trust funded with shares in the company estimated to be worth $3 billion at the time.
But the country's most generous donor last year was He Xiangjian, founder of appliance maker Midea, who gave 400 million yuan ($61.7 million), according to data compiled by Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

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