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online library of norman macrae-- Entrepreneurial Revolution - the curriculum of how to value small enterprise and sustainability exponentials of the net generation - was started by alumni of Norman Macrae The Economist 1972. By 1976, Norman was clarifying why the sixth of the world (whose brand reality is) communal pride and individually passionate to be Chinese need to be valued by netgen as critical friends to uniting sustainability race for planet and humanity. More on "why china" is systematically pivotal to 21st C coming of age in sidebar. maps 1) countries joining Chinese inspired sustainability open systems solutions as well as 2) which global youth professions (eg coding) are mapping value sustaining trades with china - eg EWTP : 21st C version of Silk Road of celebrated by Marco Polo and Hangzhou goal 14 oceans AIIB 1 ted hosts -- 2017 year of mapping sustainability banking -china to commercialize 5g by 2020 -valuing culture -jack ma 1 2 e3

Thursday, March 31, 2016


update dec 2016 - africans and china are leading world of EducationOpen in model that changes 98% of teachers jobs with only 2% responsible for choosing class content (giving much more time for 98% to tutor and connects to jobs and beyond classroom - see Shannon May's keynote story at Wise 21st Education summit beijing or starting 9 December track 300000 children experiment on open source online content delivered to rural kenyan catholic children with yazmi and intel world possible rsvp for weekly updates
we'd welcome contributions to understand patterns to china's investments in Africa rsvp

for example does south afrca benefit from being in the series of BRICS meetings

is the new ethiopian railroad china invested in from addis to djibuto part of the african extremity of the one belt one road ( 21st c silk road)

eg al jazeera

China's One Belt, One Road Stretches to Ethiopia, Africa | Kai Yee ...

Oct 7, 2016 - The Ethiopia-Djibouti railway, Africa's first modern electrified railway, was to set to become fully operational on Wednesday. Photo: Xinhua The ...

China's One Belt, One Road Stretches to Ethiopia, Africa ...

Oct 7, 2016 - SCMP says in its report “Chinese-built railway links landlocked Ethiopia, one of the world's fastest growing economies, to the sea” on October 5 ...

China rides the rails of Ethiopia's development

Minimal corruption, efficient bureaucracy, and cheap production costs are driving China's investment in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia's Addis Ababa Rail project opened last month to the delight of excited residents of the country's capital.
The $475m urban rail project - funded by China - is one of the most obvious examples of Beijing's huge role in Ethiopia's infrastructure development. The world's most populous nation has also built dams, roads, and factories in Ethiopia, and even gifted Addis Ababa the African Union headquarters, which cost $200m.

this general analysis is from

China’s Investments in AfricaBy   // Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The bulk of China’s FDI has been concentrated in a relatively few countries.  Between 2003 and 2007, five countries—Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Algeria and Zambia—accounted for more than 70 percent of China’s FDI.  While these countries remain important recipients, others such as Guinea, Ghana, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ethiopia have joined the list in recent years.  In 2010, Ethiopia had, for example, 580 registered Chinese companies operating with estimated investment capital of $2.2 billion.  Some of this new FDI is coming thru Chinese special economic and trade cooperation zones.  China is working with African counterparts to establish seven of them: two each in Zambia and Nigeria and one in Mauritius, Egypt and Ethiopia (wiki).

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

notes on china's angels in white

Deepening China-Africa Cooperation, Benefiting People's Health ...

Nov 26, 2015 - China and Africa have been a community of shared interests and ... of South-South cooperation" and medical workers as "angels in white," ...

China’s African Peacekeeping Decision-making in the Hu Jintao Era
Fanie Herman - 2015 - ‎Political Science
In comparison to a business setup, the Chinese peacekeepers are the ... to the sick and cripple, were quickly called the 'angels in white' by the local population.

Li Bin: Deepening China-Africa Cooperation, Benefiting ... - China Daily

China Daily
Dec 7, 2015 - Of all cooperation projects, Chinese medical assistance to Africa ... of South-South cooperation" and medical workers as "angels in white," ...

China and the Ebola epidemic - The Centre for Chinese Studies
Aug 27, 2014 - back to the Maoist years where “angels in white” were sent to rural parts of Africa to ... China's commitment to combating the Ebola virus is an ...