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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

rough notes - CGTV yang rui interview zhu min -who taught a both john  hopkins and fudan uni ... before becoming deputy managing director of imf until july 2016 -now chairman national institute for financial research at tsinghua university

at imf: lot of work low income nations

for last 6 yerars china bigest powerhouse for world growth including 50% growth 2009 - will this continue -likely to be at lweast third of grwith (note however world is in low growth environment of 3.1%)

-so main drive force for world growth
-expecta griowth lof china at 6.5% - structural shift to service consumption - key ossue quality of growth improves- whole economy more balanced

need to focus on real economy - capital economy is very high risk and should not be main china route

we need to focus on innovation , knowledeg ased manufafturing

coming meeting trump and jinping - issues that need solving

trade tension: this is key relationship (600 bn $ trade?) -impriving productivity sectors important for both sides - if 2 sides can find mutial intersts that will be good enws for whole world-

service scetor 70 to 80% of usa - cant expect usa will go less than this (didnt move at all during obama era)

isnt the issue the saizeable midde]le calss us needs

-resilece of chiense growth: we need to compenaste coming losers of our economy giving them compenastion in education and safety net eg in health

-the multinational institute can play an important role in stabilising economies (not bilateral)- bring more emerging market experience into international institutes at imf- need to focus on supply side policy

next few months critical for sin-us relations- xi jinping did fantastic job at davos welcoming cooperation with all nations

(kissinger co-evolution lof ghe 2 big economies is needed)

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    Carrie LamChief Executive, Central People's Government, Hong Kong SAR (source)

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    Sun WeiDeputy Secretary, CPC, Provincial Committee, Gansu Province (source)

    03/28 ›
    Zong GuoyingVice-Governor, People's Government, Yunnan Province (source)

    03/28 ›
    Deng XiaogangDeputy Secretary, CPC, Provincial Committee, Sichuan Province (source)

    03/28 ›
    Lan ShaominVice-Governor, People's Government, Jiangsu Province (source)

    03/28 ›
    Tian XuejunVice-Minister, Ministry of Education (source)

    03/28 ›
    Ye JianchunVice-Minister, Ministry of Water Resources (source)

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