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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

turkey pm erdogan interview france 24
believe germany approach to me to be unfortunate - blocking  placard if you want to win a car kill one of these leaders including me

in spite of everything i will go to g20 and i will mention above

it si happens we have 3 million turkish people living in germany

since attempted coup lasy year the west fels there gas been cracdown, view of turkey slipping away from democracy

erd - do you realose at lrast 250 of my people killed in coup -why west kept silent about this

it took  a week for west condemnation of these kilings
nb reason coup ended within 24 hours was brcause citizens came out to end it

crisis  -how do youu see qatar - we dont want another crisis in region- saudi is the powerful nation in region we are asking for his consideration - some of the 13 items are tantamount to telling qatar we dont recognise you as a state

why is turkey bthe only base being asked to leave qatar;

regarding syria- i want to clarify that the us  association withpyd and ypg are threat to us
the americans say they will get weapons back but we dont see trhat as credible from past experience

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