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Thursday, July 6, 2017

tian wei -us germany ties on line? which nations are taking destiny into teir own hands
 world insight

yascha mounk fellow transatlantic- optimistic how will merkel and trump behave
wei: what can merkel and trump agree on given long allies-- since ww2 germany could rely in usa as very stable (contraidctions of 1 peace  2 gtrade 3 climate and other chnage world chalenges of sustainability generation)

"german politicians" dont currently want photo-op with trump befire their election

brian beary - contributing edititr to european affairs - trumpwinders if free trade agreement is possible with germany - merkel position is eu negotiates that- us 67 billion dollar trade defficit with germany
wei; so what about climate partners - 2 components disagreement - substannce of te treaty - germany at lggergeads with trum 2 multilateralism - fact that 200 countries negotioated this (originally usa was core to structiure of mulltilateral platform under obama- way0for me most iportant meeting is fridn ay meeting with putin not meeting with merkel

will this trip be plus/minus bcak in dc - what uou look at

politics (security of nations) and busienss are 2 iferent things
can trump behave in other tha his business-way

oner ozden - trump diversionary tactice seg climate, nato

cui hongjian  euro stidies ciis
drastic cometition gemerany usa advanced manufaturing
how do we map ger,many and usa as impirtant partner but not friends i the newly emerging woirld

america will continure to be main defender but trump using diversionary tactics to get what he wants trade 9amdiiredly erkel doesnt like himm)

are we re-evalutaion what leadersip of free world is about

bear-well has no ambition in world eladership; merket believes shes been doing that for 10 yeras ; in another way jiping unifying world leader for 7 years

 maybe bith merkel and trump platforms being replaced by who colabirates around jinping

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