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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Now that i have made 9 visits to beijing i feel that the possibilities to link in youth between dhaka and beijing are at a tipping point

there are
type 1  people i know how my graduate student friends can contact, and then there are people where I know who does what but would need to be asking on behalf of a formal organisation like plan international or brac to get the maximum of engagement

back in 2015 when the UN was relaunching itself round sustainability goals and starting what has become an accelerating transformation under Guterres I was accompanied in various un new york gatherings by amy who is now at columbia university and song who is now resident in beijing

song at that time was employed by an american and chinese network which included one of the young members oif the rockefeller family who were organising youth architecture competitions around a biannual cycle whose final was celebrated inside the UN in new york- today she is back in beijing employed by an organisation run by the state which connects local handicrafts with gifts given to foreign and other vip visitors - at the same time she is an accomplished artist and helps a franchise in several cities run vocational art classes which become social events for 20 people at a time

she is therefore a connection i can trust for three main types of lead:
1 the space where international students at tsinghua and leading beijing  universities hub monthly gatherings to greet visitors like romano prodi to understand connections between china and the various chambers of commerce - i have been to two of these events and know both the event organiser and the tech hub host where these events are held

2 i know the lady at beijing normal who leads early girls childhood schooling - she was sent to brookings for a year to publish and get known by womens groups who understand that by asking what education do girls need pre-kindergarten you can linkin to girls needs of education all the way through to adolesence- to indicate how seriously china takes this while i was in beijing it was announced next year that new curriculum on artificial intelligence are being launched in primary schools- the big thing is to make sure that feminine voice is edited into AI wherever teaching robot assistants emerge as one of the product lines (all of china korean and japan are collaborating in this new way of distributing learning both to teachers and students simultaneously - when jack ma host his day long training of 3000 citizens eg Gateway '17 he deliberately features robot assistants at the exhibition stands wherever they can do better job than human presenters)

3 i know the people are officially permitted to community build with open space the communal methodology that my maryland neighbor harrison owen built and which after 400000 performances china has become his pride and joy

all of these networks song or I can advance partnership queries - song's life partner is in the middle of a start up which claims to understand what chinese authorities want youth to socially viralise - apparently whenever the government has some new action it wants youth to scale this startup has the tools to help viralise youth action learning the next social wave

type 2- while i was in beijing the main international university sponsored by hong kongs richest businessman was hosting an event with unwomens- speakers included the female ambassadors from the UK and australia - the emphasis of the days summit was data on how women are breaking through in china in different industries and next steps needed

similarly i know the organisation that hosted the wise education summit when it was hosted in beijing and i know some of the people who sit on different national thinktanks to make sure the voice of education is included - you can see the range of chinese innovators swarming in to education here

I continue to build a map of how departments interact at tsinghua university- where sir fazle once briefed me that the dream of brac university was to be able to design curricula that future public servants in government also needed- this has been the purpose of tsinghua for 30 years- on the one hand tsinghua feels like mit with the main building being devoted to electrical engineers- on the other hand in typical chinese way every departmental school has its own institute of economics- ie how are these disciplines accountable to the people

tsinghua great secret in every department is the staff are there to learn from the students global goals as much as the students  are there to learn from the staff- this gives the university an unusual edge

the first 9 months of 2019 are really interesting for goal 11 people -sustainable communities and supercities with beijing maximising diffusion on behalf of guterres's transformational parts of the UN

first march 2019 sees the publication of 20 countries experts including jack ma form china and melinda gates from usa are combining their views in a reported edited out of unctad in geneva and un in new york by an indian staff member of unctad who has previously chaired india report on the future of artificial intelligence''this report will be shared with the 100 national leaders xi jinping trusts most when he host the 2nd biannual' Belt Road summit out of beijing in april 2019

the opportunity to follow up last years head of the unga inquiry into the gap in financing the sgds will be taken up by 100 banking delegations of asian infrastructure investment bank who this year summit in luxembourg in june

the g20 with all its pre-networking of youth and other citizen groups assembles in japan in july a  year before jack ma becomes the main sponsor of the japan olympics - jack moves full time to education in spet 2019 - meanwhile ying lowrey published her second book on jack ma ecommerce and efinance economics - probably her last event out of tsinghua before moving to hangzhou working full time for jack

tania what do you think? - firstly do you want more details on any of the above?- secondly is it time eg for you to visit beijing and check out how some of these could become youth exchange partners

after 11 years of visits to dhaka i cant afford any more unless dhaka wants to maximise its youth connections with beijing- i have to linkin some other nations where the succession challenges are less- its a pity because there is a sense that china knows it has a lot more work to do to connect the half the world that lives on south and east coastal belts- fortunately this visit in beijing i met the india diaspora professor from new york stern who knows over 30 years every economics professor in new york- he took up my invitation to read nilekani's book on how hos billion person digital identity is ready to test every bottom up microfranchise solution and girls vocational movement -if you are ever passing through new york lets meet him and amy or if you are ever passing through geneva i have started to[make some youth intern connections there

thanks and happy holidays

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