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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

professor wang yiwei renmin sino-eu new ways to trade - new ecommerce- new engines ind 4.0 (cf china 2025 manuf) - new innovation - because of trump other counytries progressing new  traderelatins fasster

federation german indutry in beijing -  hanna muller  - china is genramy top trade partner - sino-german ties - global 2.0 now climate protection innovations

int- how big are the options   timo lochocki - need ti d=be deeepst and most pragantic realtions of china in europe - not a values relationship so will need renewingissue by issue in a hi-trust andpreducatable space

-- so how sustainable can te 2 sides be if they dont have iedological common ground
biger issues than trade eg interregioanal peace

wang yiwei - i think we c=have commin global 2.0 values integrated by UN 17 goals - china learning from generamny and vice versa coming from diferent positions of social innovation maturity and oressures
so what are most poressing =qustiosn in global giverance
- so merel has election and hust published her locla views
is china really gernamy lead opytion
hanna muler - we have feeling with macro europe is now sticking together- - but we all fuhcntion due to doemtic polutioca and intl relations - we need paryners of natiosjn that hgo beyond personalities (and eg bipolar politics)
amazing media platfrom between germany and china

what role wikl china play in win-win belth raod

?  timo - germany is extremly relying on uts euroepan partners and their trade routes ( prime partner germany and france with china) - germany does nit want to sideline its europ oartners - so french have a key role to include in this whole conversation and see belt forum as space for that
prof wong - how will belt forum help all of our doiscussions; 16+1 yiwei mapping - value chains so we are working togerherto understand 16+1 east of europe ie gernany as belt border beween east  and west europe

german bureau - next 12 mointsh not just next 3 days critical for mapoping this and as win-wins acros as well as within all regions

so next question is will chjina and gemerany become the main comoetitors in ir4 and will taht spoil thing - eg standtads fpor 5g and other platforms that advance ir4- gerenany wants to elkarn from chain internet plus wechat and alos learn from eg hi speed rail--  geramny managed trade surplus with china- how ? because of quality of german products

what isnpiration does all thsi ofere to underdeveloped econjomies? what actions for them?

china and geramny have very unaiy=ue trade dynamics that it may be difficlt for any other tade pair to directly elarn from- each pair of gtrade has some unique cooperation learns
germany china top trade partner
but what will happen after meeting of jinping and merkel - when next day eg both meet trump -- whats nature of nest few days that we are going to expoerienc- will tee days tells us who will lead futures of te world

muler- dont thin thes are the only days to see this but good thing that all these meeting opps happen now - need to interpret carefully- epxct euroealders to stiuck together; see what trump will do;

- turn of histiry? no not that fast but
wong - china and germany desperately need trust now to be twin leaders of future
worldinsight with tian wei

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