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Friday, August 4, 2017

self-service (grab and go, unmanned) store

alibaba may open 10000 unmanned (cashless) stores

enter with taobao app
exit with debit made to alipay
Over the weekend, a new, unstaffed store opened up in Hangzhou. The Tao Café, created and run by Alibaba, is part of the e-commerce giant's efforts to break into the market of brick-and-mortar shops before and then watch as its competitors crumble.
But Alibaba was not the first to have this idea. It appears that, at least in this area, China's e-commerce leader has been struggling to keep up with its main global rival: Amazon. The American e-commerce company opened a cashier-free store in the US at the end of 2016, and Alibaba is just now getting around to opening their own.
At this point, unstaffed stores are even becoming a bit old school, considering the fact that a Swedish company just opened an automated, self-driving mobile store in Shanghai last monthand that another app-controlled convenience store in Shanghai, BingoBox, has already been temporarily shut down for "technical maintenance."

ten companies in china appear to be in this race - eg in addition toi alibaba
bingobox 5000
wahaha 10000
-----------------related who is ma looking for as ideal local partber of alipay


China’s Ant Financial Partners With CIMB Subsidiary In Malaysia

China’s Ant Financial is targeting the Malaysian market by forming a mobile wallet joint venture with a subsidiary of local bank CIMB.
Finextra reported news that Ant Financial will hold a minority stake in the equity JV with CIMB’s Touch ‘n Go unit, which provides cards to millions of Malaysians for payments at toll roads, public transportation systems, parking and retailers.
Through Ant’s Alipay unit, this new venture will bring mobile payments, as well as other FS services such as eCommerce through mobile wallets and other methods of online payments, to Malaysia’s Touch ‘n Go users.
“TNG’s leading position, combined with Ant Financial’s Alipay capabilities, will allow all Malaysians to participate and access secure payments and digital financial services for the long term,” said Tengku Dato’ Sri Zafrul Aziz, CEO, CIMB.
Ant Financial, which is the financial arm of Alibaba, specializes in wealth management. It nearly doubled its profit during its 2017 fiscal year, in part because of its mobile payments feature, Alipay, the popular online payments service in China. In addition to this recent partnership, Ant Financial is in the process of acquiring MoneyGram in the U.S. and has been branching outside China to places such as India and South Korea.
Malaysia is the first country to join the Electronic World Trade Platform, a program initiated by Alibaba Group Founder Jack Ma to help SMEs expand their trading capabilities worldwide.
“To bring digital financial inclusion to more people across the world, Ant Financial takes an approach of collaborating with strategic partners overseas and enabling them with its innovative solutions,” said Eric Jing, CEO, Ant Financial. “Given TNG’s leading position in the market and vast customer base, we believe that we can help it to offer exciting and innovative products to Malaysian consumers.”

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