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top Belt Road Maps of 2018 s Entrepreneurial networks best cases in China & Bangla:
BillionGirlsBoys ask: can every banker/educator see their trust in Belt Road's top 100 stories.. Is Trump King Canute? Valueless is The economist whose world trade maps fail poorest billion youth's livelihoods in our children's worldwide

(BRI) Belt Road Imagineering is now trusted by 70 national leaders as empowering the sustainbility generation- which of these 100 stories can help bankers or educators near you join in to this system for mapping win-win trades aligned to the sustainability goals generation? portal 1

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Belt quiz is about earth's seas and coastal belt - which coastal belt is your country most dependent on, does if have a superport connecting maps of world favorite superports, do your peoples have access to this superport (nb we recommend analysing countries imprt and exports by 1 energy, 2 all other goods
Road quiz : what are your continents longest roads (designed as including all of railroad or car-road, pipes for energy, water, sanitaion; tech cables)- do your peoples have access to the great roads

technology now permis us to play game: which peoples have been most deprived by accidents of history to basic belt road freedoms- among 10 most populated nations no people have been less included than those in bangladesh- tell us where else you map.....................
today offers the livelihood learning network poorest billion communities need most - 40 years ago
online library of norman macrae--.........................Entrepreneurial Revolution - curriculum: how to value small enterprise and sustainability exponentials of net generation - by alumni of Norman Macrae The Economist 1968. By 1976, Norman best news ever: the fifth of the world (whose brand reality is) Chinese can be valued by netgen as critical friends to uniting sustainability race for planet and humanity
eg EWTP : 21st C version of Silk Road of celebrated by Marco Polo and Hangzhou goal 14 oceansAIIB 1 ted hosts -- 2017 year of mapping sustainability banking -china to commercialize 5g by 2020 -valuing culture -jack ma 1 2e3 maps 1) countries joining Chinese inspired sustainability open systems solutions as well as 2) which global youth professions (eg coding) are mapping value sustaining trades with china

Monday, April 16, 2018

camilo, abd friends - thanks  - SO - OK
its my view that china is happy for its youth/educators and leaders to engage a whole continent eg america central and south (or a whole coastal belt eg arctic) - if you want youth to be sustainable what is your continents view of where it wants its first 2 superports -one of east coast - one on west -with 100 leaders turning up beijing may 2019, be ready to share your views as will other continents (a job guterres and the lagarde have already signed up for - guteres because he sees this actions the 17 goals including refugess borders; lagarde because imf bylaws require bank to move to capital of largest economy)

(this  belt road quiz is the main post war lesson on wherever east sustained its peoples growth - as a win-win trading solution--- japan korea and diaspora chinese tested this 1946 to moonlanding 1969; at that time among the half of world not yet on electricity grids: south america came up with franscican pop model as their contribution to post-space world; china's diaspora investment in mainland and girls hold up half the sky; bangladesh's actually applied freire to world poorest villages empowered by girls- so this is core to sustainable economics mapping, the only american professor teaching this as far as i can see is columbia's phelps mentor to amy's tsinghua contact ying lowrey who scouts students for jack ma portal; the only english-language billionnaire who gets this is soros as far as my family's 50 years of search can see) - i think kissinger is the diplomat who understands this... and there is hope that bbc nature corespondents will finally coach the princes to get this)

contiuing china's jinping's Belt Road Imagineering ( debate with world leaders continent by continent
if enough of you the continents leaders agree and also map how you will unite overland roads pipes lets do that - otherwise china is already chartering investments in many of your next generations (and we have subforums like brics with investment banks (in 2017 brazil and argentina and mexico attended brics) and of course we will start to have investments configured in ways that make suerport shortlist

now if i was a mexican i would want a superport and i would make case mexico is on latutude 30 (old silk roads) - as well as shanghais'  and seouls latitide; so port there fits trade with china and such a port can celebrate china new relationsip with panama canal as well as develop mexico overlan roads to texas energy pipes

remembering china is asking for end poverty evidence that superport location (and collaboration trading corridors of nations and borders hubs) will develop people centric economies not westrn macroieconomics model of 10 people own more than 40% of poorest

so i can argue: probably sustainability americas best chance is mexico developing number 1 west coast port and that will also end any wall between mexico and usa something that trudeau would also support- after all usa has really only 2 direct neignbors - quite simple mathematically compared with chinas 20!!

of course there are a lot of conflicts to mediate (as well as big data small analyse) here- but then if all of americas people have no media (and no community-grounded blockchains) to debate and communally value sustanability actions, americas will remain sustainability's lost continent- and the climate/arms overinvested leper of the world

all errors mine alone, chris - norman macrae foundation dc 240 316 8157 Girls Asian Infrastrucuire Investment Branding

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