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Thursday, November 8, 2018

cataloguing 2019-2020 - how dirl power chnaged education

lets start with two types of clsssification:
intervention at what what stage of education -eg brookings and china start network for valuing early education celebrating girls
key events, place hubs of 2019, 2020 - eg tokyo summer olympics - jack ma celebrates expo and friends and alumni of hos first year returning full time to education

[12:41 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: catalogue of everyone who believes the next 2 years are critical to changing education across every belt road map
[12:42 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: i can list about 100 reaosns alreadty why that is so but as i9 chat to people in dufferent countries their reasons are different
[12:43 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: howeverv 21stc edu in my opinion is critica- education is not going to chnage in a way all youth can trust at same time unless china and belt riad investment mapping is the epicentre
[12:43 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: so as well as jcak ma preparing to be full time in education from september we know the biggest belt road summit of the next 2 yeras is april 2019 beijing
[12:44 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: just before that guterres jack ma melinda gates and 20 experts will realest the united nations most important report ever on digital cooperation - how will education connect with that
[12:45 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: part of the stiry is that the same people who have designed fintech to reach to communities are now shofting to edutech grounded in communities
[12:45 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: i dont knoiw if jialing han will remember me
[12:46 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: i spnet about an hour chattiong to her as she had issuede the wise report on how to improve schools for children whose families come from vilages to big cities likoe beijing
[12:47 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: one of the things that i discussed with chiense tresearchers yesterday at brookings is as ai teacher assisatts coe to the classroom we have one chance to meake them feminiine or promoting loveq in the way they are designed
[12:48 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: fortunately untad gets this - indeed becasue jack ma is the unctad youth livelihoods envoy we know that the un will and jack ma will come up withy the same sorts of ideas
[12:48 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: during jack ma's furst5 full yera in education you have the japan g20 and the olympics in tokyoi he is sponsoring
[12:49 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: when he hosted the hangzhou g20 he got in middle of sme and yoth and womn g20 citizen newtorks so one expect he will doubly this regarding japan
[12:50 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: you can explain my dad received the higest ongternationa honor from emperor of japan for valuing how east and west would comke together and that we have now debated since the moon landing the consequence of 4000 times more tech in 2030
[12:51 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: on our timelines education was always goiung to be the last chnace for youth to be teh sustainabiulouty golas generation
[12:52 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: we wou;ld love to make a list of favortite bottom up educators- you can explain we know the roid=gin wise laureate sir fazle aabed and that my scottish family has the same adam smith values as gordon brown
[12:52 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: is this enough fpr now
[12:54 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: what we need to do is share this next 2 yera calendars with everyoine contributions but if we can start it round jaling han in beijing then chi ji who i met yesterday in dc is quite the competent chiense person in dc to help make thse connections - most of her work has been done at beijing normal
[12:57 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae: oops i meant to say jin chi
[1:01 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae:
[1:08 PM, 11/8/2018] Chris Macrae:

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