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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

can every educator and bankers find a belt road story they trust?

we recommend looking at BR's impacts along 4 of history's futures- up to 1500, 1500 to 1946, 1946 to 2013, 2013 on
A) 1500-1946 nature's cruel trick

A0 Nature's cruel trick : not making the whole of eurasia 10 degrees lower in latitude- had this been so the costal belt of nort eurasia would have been free to sail and the following history which changed the world from economies approximately proprortiante to population size to one where empires like UK grew and grew while decimating livelihoods of people in india and south asia,, wouldn't have happened

A1 History's future started changing:around 1500 north sea european nations discovered they could sail round Africa to reach the south eurasia coastal belt which had previously been assumed to be landlocked (eg marco pole's sil road route to china sailed from venice to lebanon and then started nearly 7 yreas overland treck to china with north india about half way in between; from 1500 it took ships about 6 months from UK to get to mumbai; these were unhealthy votges for the crew who were often pressganged so trading ships armed captains to the teeth both to control the crew and to impose what trade was done when they reached oriental nations; soon the east india's company's trade extended to colonising spaces all along the s. eusrasia coastline. Zero-sum or below zero-sum trading models replaced Eurasia's world class  win-win trading route (Silk Road)

A2 More generally we can compare all colonisation trading models that emerged after 1500 across contients as well as regional decelarations to be free of colonisation eg USA 1776. By this time the map of what did your coastal belt trading map look like was soon to inytegrate what do yor road (railroad maps) look like whereever (carbon powered ) industriial revolution steam engines  increased the power to trade. Note Empoires motvation was to race to get biuggrer and extract more (with colonies losing more and more)

A3 Ultimately the 20th C world wars were about how the empire/colonisation model was not sustainable - it had made some peoples up to 200 times helathier and wealtheir while trapping others in poverty (no access to eg electriyity grids or other drivers of half a millennium of innovation

A4 The strangest story of the whole era of empire colonisation involves china - for long the epicentre of the positive trading currencies of spices and silks. By mid 1800s Britain tried to order china that it should accept the currency of opium in ecchnage for spoces and silks; this caused china to clise down from world gtrade for over a centiry. Over a fifth of the wprld's people had been sidelined from the central economy up to 1500 to being valued as less than one twentieth of the world's humn capacity
B) before 1500.................

B1 new world (america) unknown to old world Eurasdia and Afrca

B2 most peoples livelihood opportunities about the same but specially empowered if med sea facing nation (west end of silk road) or around Hangzhou (East end) praised by marco polo- world's markets

B3 Franciscan bottom-up  values (and golden rule religions) celebrated west of Eurasia (south europe, abd MENA); human-spiritual Damo, confucian, zen the east end

B4 the silk road was a win-win relay (with happy trading exchanges between neighbors) all along the trading route

that med sea is in 2010s is the sea of refugees shows disatrous system design of colonisation and of north-regulted EU

C) 1946-2013....
C1 far east started to develop post-colonialwin-win models of trae - making japan 2nd welathoes and diaspora chinaese (suoerports) 3rd by 1970s

C2 sadly cold war (floowed by big indsutry addiction to carbon fuels) stopped most other hemispheres from deveoping win-win post colonioal models, let alone smartly conected belt ports and oversland "roads"

C3 Particularly unlucky to 1971 was bangladesh- dpuble short straw of colonisation by uk, then west pakista; look today at bangla coastline - why no superport of sort to its east in china? Miraculously Bangladesh and China adopted girls hod up half sky models. Pre-gidital miracles of china and bangal to 1996; post digital miracles from 1996 offer 17 sdg solutions for every developing nation and every coatal belt sea & every contuental mass Roads

D) after 2013.................

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