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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

India and BRICS

Gandhi to granddad- your laws are destroying my peoples lives

Octiber 2016 world banks new chief economist second public dialogue is on india's million person virtual identity 

Brazil Russia India China South Africa
If you had landed on planet earth 600 years ago, you would have found China at the epicentre of world trade. Ironically for 21st C Western European, China then became challenged by immigrant problems and closed in on itself. When my family started the curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution at The Economist in 1972 our hypothesis included:
post-industrial evolution is the opportunity to get back to valuing growth of people not guzzling carbon and things that the industrial age for too long spun round (dismally speaking world wars were a lot to do with  nations invading others to extract resources their place was running low on's rebirth of the
back in 1972 with over a sixth of the world's people so underemployed as China, it was essential that China grew to be epicentre of positive world trade as 21st C came of age

From the viewpoint of growing people we advise (value) youth (the half of the world's population under 30) all over the world

  • to celebrate knowledge trading friendships (and smart apps) with china;
  •  to welcome and foci on win-win ideas China mediates across the BRICS seen as fastest growing economies at turn of millennium;representing over 4/10 of humans; integrating planet earth and human race round 2 pivotal southern hmeisphere countries and 2 neighbours pivotal to China's rebirth of the old silk road - now caled one belt one road - that some estimate as offering milennials an extra third of world trade (over 20 trillion doilars worth of distribution infrastructure)

2015 population estimates - world totals 7.25 billion people
CIBRS=3.01   1stChina 1.37+ 2ndIndia 1.25+ 5th Brazil 0.20+ 9thRussia 0.14+ 25th S.Africa 0.05

non-BRICS include 3rdUSA 0.32 4thIndonesia 0.26 6thPakistan0.2  7thNigeria 0 .18 8thBangldesh 0.17 10th Japan 0.13

we will devote this months bookmark to future history study of BRICS collectively and individually;
before doing so we note how special China and India (4 times larger than  USA 3rd biggest nation in terms of people, biggest in terms of consumption;  10times larger than Japan which is 3rd bigest in consumption and 10th biggest in people)

its also worth noting that USSR would have been equal 3rd largest in world in 1991 before the split from Russia

further reference: see place brands including ideas such as supercities - eg who's leading sustainability world in ensuring that 20 million peoples livelihoods thrive


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