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top Belt Road Maps of 2018 s Entrepreneurial networks best cases in China & Bangla:
BillionGirlsBoys ask: can every banker/educator see their trust in Belt Road's top 100 stories.. Is Trump King Canute? Valueless is The economist whose world trade maps fail poorest billion youth's livelihoods in our children's worldwide

(BRI) Belt Road Imagineering is now trusted by 70 national leaders as empowering the sustainbility generation- which of these 100 stories can help bankers or educators near you join in to this system for mapping win-win trades aligned to the sustainability goals generation? portal 1

catalogue world record jobs creators by 13 BRI maps- tour BR clubs- EWTP celebrate first people freed by e-commerce and jack ma map top 13 sdg world trade routes 0 inside china, 1 East-Belt,
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Belt quiz is about earth's seas and coastal belt - which coastal belt is your country most dependent on, does if have a superport connecting maps of world favorite superports, do your peoples have access to this superport (nb we recommend analysing countries imprt and exports by 1 energy, 2 all other goods
Road quiz : what are your continents longest roads (designed as including all of railroad or car-road, pipes for energy, water, sanitaion; tech cables)- do your peoples have access to the great roads

technology now permis us to play game: which peoples have been most deprived by accidents of history to basic belt road freedoms- among 10 most populated nations no people have been less included than those in bangladesh- tell us where else you map.....................
today offers the livelihood learning network poorest billion communities need most - 40 years ago
online library of norman macrae--.........................Entrepreneurial Revolution - curriculum: how to value small enterprise and sustainability exponentials of net generation - by alumni of Norman Macrae The Economist 1968. By 1976, Norman best news ever: the fifth of the world (whose brand reality is) Chinese can be valued by netgen as critical friends to uniting sustainability race for planet and humanity
eg EWTP : 21st C version of Silk Road of celebrated by Marco Polo and Hangzhou goal 14 oceansAIIB 1 ted hosts -- 2017 year of mapping sustainability banking -china to commercialize 5g by 2020 -valuing culture -jack ma 1 2e3 maps 1) countries joining Chinese inspired sustainability open systems solutions as well as 2) which global youth professions (eg coding) are mapping value sustaining trades with china

Monday, August 1, 2016

3 China’s big three web innovating companies
Ali Baba by Jack Ma
Ecommerce efinance  ewtp
Baidu by Robin Li
Tencent by Pony Ma
Personal commmunications
4 China’s Imagination Companies
AliBabaUni partnerships in greatest #learninggeneration that would not happen without Jack Ma
Education, sustainability global youth jobs and social enterprise partnerships
Xioami and by Lei Jun
Turned chinas smartphone sector on its head- first with brilliant design by and for chinese; launched a new version of android operating system before selling first phone- segments pioneering users who help craete its innovation focus- the book Red Rice by Clay Shirky explains why the msartphone is a revolution beyond prior mobile phones- not only advancing era of everyone's connecetd but everyones got a computer in their pocket. By some counts this firm started in 10 has world record for valuation built within first 5 years. With headhunting of Hugo Garra from Google Android, some would say the annual global division briefings of MI rival apple's
Qihoo360 by Zhong Hingyi
Qihoo started in e-security 05 but grew hugely as it transitioned to mobiles where its 360 mobile assistant took on the mobile app market
DHGate by Diane Wang
New ecommerce market after Wang’s prior project leadership at Microsoft, cisco and Xiaomi4.4

Online travel
Noah Wealth by Ms Wang Jingbo (with investment 07 from america’s seqoia)p150,151

Managers walth for 50000 of china’s richest people- starting in 2005 she transformed this sector by being best place to linked in venture investment type 3 or 4 companies
Victor Wang mtone wireless
Breakthrough talk cef 013 on role of entrepreneurs p145 –cef launched 2000 (by Wang Wei first China M&A Group and Lawrence Tian founder China Intl Futures

Mobile internet services
Youku tudou by victor kao founded 2005 after 6 years at portal sohu –now aquired by ali baba
1.2 bn investment from ali baba – competitors baidu-backed and tencent
Online video
Youku app 3rd most popular after tencent wechat and qq messagig apps
2 China’s Wave of 1992 Companies
Vantone by Feng Lun
Beijing originally Hainan
Extraordinary real estate
Talkng Life Insurance by Chen Dongsheng –main connector of cef p148 first company china guardian auction
Life Insurance
Dalian Wanda by Wang Jianlin 
China’s biggest property group (note personal homes market took off late 1990s)
96 Dian Diagnostics by Chen Haibin 2009 stakes with shanghai fosun and jaan Softbank, 2011 ipo shengzhen stockmarket
Improving standards and chouce in health care system
Fosun by Guo Guanchang
Vanke by Wang Shi
Property developer
1 China’s first companies
Broad by Zhang Yue
Changsha (now management hq Beijing)
Started small but international non-electric airconditioning business – now leader in buildings for sustainable cities
Lenovo by Yang Yuanqing from 84 Liu Chuanzhi

Number 1 in personal computers
Huawei by Ren Zhengfei
World leading mobile & fixed line telecoms equipment
Hangan by Xu Lianjic
Womens and babies hygiene products

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