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Saturday, August 20, 2016

When it comes to valuing youth, China is becoming a benchmark destination for leadership quests of entrepreneurs with unique market sector purposes. 

take an example - jack ma's race to design one of china's first web platforms was designed around offerering a retail channel to every small enterprise  -this is almost an opposite dynamic to the way that the west's biggest western channels have often replaced the small enterprise (local economy)

WHY such inclusivity in China- because 40 years ago there were no private companies; now they are 75% of the economy.!! they fell a responsibility for improving the future of Chinese peoples- so that the mass flourishes (Nobel economist Edmond Spence)

A U.S. Economist's Book Turns Into a Hit in China - Bloomberg

Bloomberg L.P.
Jan 29, 2015 - ... called Mass Flourishing: How Grassroots Innovation Created Jobs, ... invited toChina in the past include Robert Mundell, Michael Spence, ...
Last year President LI Keqiang presented Phelps with a Friendship Award, China’s highest honor for foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to the country’s economic and social progress. Although 100 people from 25 countries got the award, Phelps was selected to speak on behalf of all the recipients and to present a signed copy of Mass Flourishing to Li, who had already read it in Chinese translation. Says Phelps: “Li made a fuss over me.”

Phelps says Li’s speeches reflect both of the big ideas in Mass Flourishing: that innovation comes from the grass roots rather than laboratories, so everyone can contribute; and that innovation contributes to personal growth—or “self-development,” as Li phrases it.

 Edwards Tse's book features 15 people without whom china's private sector would not exist in the way it does. He calls the 3 entrepreneurs who started internet companies around 1998 ali baba, baidu and tencent the third wave of entrepreneurs;  quarterbiliongirls cutting edge searches are now gravitating around 4th wave. 

Civil Business Society's greatest opportunities is not a curriculum of facts- just do it by openly collaboratively exploring what action networks will be innovated next and who is multiplying goodwill/sustainability and who bad. 

Its 90% irrelevant where a 4th generation worldwide company is conceived- it will create or destroy livelihoods of all youth-for westerners its just we need humility to be guided by young chinese translators to have info to begin to model  what the flip is spiralling 

 A few of these chinese entrepreneurs are absolute disaster areas like the guy whose internet company (and city - becaue each of the biggest internet companies linkins own future capital - with the exception of meta-capital beijing) specialises in sex messaging and gambling. But most of the rest are worth learning from , even helping -they have more collaboration potential than competition as long as they become bigger heroes among worldwide youth than brian lochte

Zhang Yue comes from amy's hoime town - the most maverick space of all since its where mao spent his adolescence and maintained the nation without private businesses. Zhang wants to build the world's tallest building in amy's home town changsha. His green side created a globally successful coolant-free air conditioning business- he wants to build environmentally sustainable cities across prefabricated modules to demonstrtae the viability of his products and ideas.

why would we not put 5000 dollars into a special subcompetition of diannes un student architecture competition which is mainly led by chiense stidents - intergen arctitecture designs of world's tallest building; 

why wouldnt we connect simons smart interior design company; why wouldnt this all become huge segment of jobenoimics green tv ; chnagsha is also the city of creating media personalities; its time is ready to linkin for global good
Bangladesh is the second space to celebrate- unlike china whose expatriates were the  third richest clan (after americans and japanese) on the planet by the early 1970s, bangladesh had less than nothing- its trick was all the most vital social services were designed from bottom up bt grassroots girls networks not from the top down by greedy post-colonial governments
At the moment only 2 people in the whole of bangaldesh really know how that was done pre-digital and post-digital; we can interview both of we send over the right mix of elders and youth. In one of these 2 people cases chinese girls have already been asked to write up the report of the future they see.

The sustainability goals are badly named- they are humanity's most basic curriculum. There is no future other than one where you can parachute down anywhere on the planet and see children and families having opportunities to thrive. ISIS proves that. My father predicted that consequence of being more connected than separated 40 yeras ago - the exact same time as china had not one private business

Cant we just agree the big pictriure storylines we need to mediate  Maybe i am the rudest person  but i know better than anyone when where not connecting actions fully and just making noise. Not because I am bright. Just because scots from 1748 designed systems around moral sentiments not out of being religious but out of wanting every human being to grow. Industrial age wealth was not necessarily about wanting every human being to grow - but by the time world war 2 haoened - we should have looking to postindustrial age. Thats actually why we are now investing 2000 times more of learning communicatuions technolgues per year than in 1946. But as orwell predicted that can hgo so terribly wrong unless we opoen soace mass flotrishing now. The next decade will test us on every tipping point imaginable- for goodness sake empower 9 years olds up to question not to be certified as perfect. 

thanks chris
help projile chian's greatest entrepreneurs at  and others at or if you have your own log that is using the same value system metrics as we are to generate youth opportunities tell us where it is- and expect us to question how to use it if its not simple enough for youth to action -or preview Jack Ma tv before he fires up the un education summit on 18 september

When I was 11 years old my geography teacher came into the classroom – geo is very important – this morning I was in westren lake of hangzhou- I met some westerners and I asked where are you from? – they said some nation – I said I didnt know – so they drew a map- now I know where they are from 
So I thought to myself very interesting- if I can communicate with the westerners about the world- so the next day I went to west lake looking for foreigners – for 9 years every morning whether snow rain or sun looking for foreign tourists to  become a free guide – I made a lot of friends – at that time there was no English book for me – so I asked tourists to teach me- and one of the american lady who became a pen friend she said jack your name is difficult for westerners to pronounce – do you need an English name? she said my father’s called jack , my husband called jack – can I call you jack” – I said yes since then I have been using jack ma for almost 30 years 
 –this trained me to think differently than other kids of my generation because everything I learnt from the tourists (of the outside world) was so different from the things I learnt from schools, parents because we thought china and the woreld was like that but the tourists helped me find out  about a different world
That trained my thinking differently – when everyone agrees about something , normally I take a minute to think about is that true- similarly if everyone disagrees! 
When I was trying to pass exams for university – only about 6% of students could go to university so I failed 3 times-- ..only the hunter teachers college that accepted me – I went there and was trained there for 4 years – after graduating I was only guy assigned to teach in  a university out of 500 graduates because I was considered to be a good student the other 499 were assigned to middle school
That day when I graduate my president at teachers college said jack go to that university and don’t leave for 5 years because he knew with my personality I might want to do something else but I made him the promise I would do that 
I taught for 6 years – pay was bad, teachers not respected but I loved teaching –people may not realize that there were still no ways to learn to teach English in our city- so i listened to the BBC an voice of america – there every evening 8 to 9 oclock I listened to – first book I heard about adventures of tom sawyer – so this struck me that there are so many kids in rural, poor areas with no education – how about using the inetrenet, mobile phone, the ipad much better opportunity to give the kids 
Since 1999 I am business people leader for the ali baba group I still call myself chief education officer, everywhere I go I spend time with young people. Sharing with them my experience my encouragement ,,, I think the ways the world is changing… I am proud of being a teacher for 6 years – elected by students as best teacher… many of my students are co-founders of ali baba- I taught probably 2000 students in evening school and the eldest one was 86 years old! I think you as a teacher learn so much from the students , benefit so much from the studentrs, and everybody apart from the parents has a teacher – and if you respect your teacher and love them , like a parent, in china the teacher is a father, the teacher is a mother ….......

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