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Monday, September 26, 2016

7 wonders of Jack Ma and China’s Special Powers for Global Youth

Wonder 1 (age 11 1976) Education opportunity to learn   English & Chinese – valuing how global youth build friendships and trust around world

(Practising English with tourists and then as student/teacher was about the only skill he focused on for nearly 20 years- it blended with his parents theatrical skills that had unluckily fallen out of favor in the cultural revolution) Ma's own stage presence is huge HDCrocodile in the Yangtze - Story of Alibaba & Jack Ma Full Documentary

Wonder 2 (age 29 1994) on first trip abroad (USA), Ma sees web and asks the most exciting question of his generation- how can the www develop people and jobs? (Compare Ma’s journey with www in chinese speaking world to Berners Lee’s birth of www 5 years earlier in English speaking world)
Wonder 3 what happens in a country with a youthful leader like Ma who starts turning every shopping channel and digital financial services into a market that gives small enterprises and villagers equal opportunity to build lives and communities
Taobao, the mall, alipay, ant financial...
Wonder 4 – back in 1976 all businesses were state owned. How many entrepreneurs in China are like Ma – celebrating a conscious purpose to develop people. Is this Chinese Capitalism a collaboration opportunity for global youth to linkin around the world. What if 21st C economics is founded on human growth?
Wonder 5 – in 2016 Ma’s home town Hangzhou (China G20 celebration)  becomes the   world’s epicentre for first time in 1000 years.  Leader Xi Jinping invites nations and youth to brainstorm ideas actioning sustainability goals including Ma’s social world trade platform eWTP
Wonder 6 – in 2016, celebrating Jack Ma’s appointment to UN as special adviser on youth entrepreneurship , Jim Kim asks what if the ali baba way – analysing big data on behalf of small enterprises – is the secret sauce to ending poverty
wonder 7 ALIBABAUNI – Jack Ma starts developing training partnerships around the world in courses integrating coding as the third worldwide literacy (with English and Chinese) freeing global youth as #LearningGeneration. Which places will be the first to love their youth enough to trust in partnering Ma's 7 wonders of sustainability and human growth locally and globally?

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  1. Maryland is home to the greatest storyteller for families rebuilding communities however bad the political pressure on peoples has spun- Open Space Technology- Harrison Owen. When an ambassador of China's QuarterBilionGirls started open spacing Jack ma's 7 wonders -these were some of the first action searches to enjoy. Wonder 1 lets us follow up the vision you first taught me of English language as a freedom – we can eg get British Council involved the more this story is celebrated

    Wonder 2 guves us chance to interview those who began the web including berners lee at MIT – has Ma found a pathway for everyone who loves human empowering technology to open space

    Wonder 3 =please look at my norman macrae’s last article Consider Bangladesh- why racing to own 10 to 100 times less costly financial services by and for the people has put china in a position to celebrate with global youth that USA with its rotten banks can never on its won get back to lead in time for sustainability of conscious capitalism

    Wonder 4 further reasons to enjoy leadership quests to china now for how many entrepreneurs wish their global market to develop youth freedom and happiness

    Wonder 5 as Ma say however crazily microentrepreneurial, the chinese people are not stupid- if their government has a chance to lead global youth collaboration as well as their own development why not race to network with the most trusted and joyful country of the 21st century

    Wonder 6 China has a huge opportunity with supporters like Jim Kim (see his joint reports with china on health and sustainable cities), his financial arm IFC is led by a chinese man and the UN’s technology network ITU is too. The reasoning of being best (most open) to analyse big data and 21st C infrastructures for all the people can be the best news for youth and world service.

    Wonder 7 – in what ways does being an alumni of Ali Baba transform education system and empower QuarterBillionGirls to the cheerlead the greatest learning generation by diverse social action learning not ivory tower theorising ( monopolies ruled over by over-standardised examination)