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online library of norman macrae--.........................Entrepreneurial Revolution - curriculum: how to value small enterprise and sustainability exponentials of net generation - by alumni of Norman Macrae The Economist 1968. By 1976, Norman best news ever: the fifth of the world (whose brand reality is) Chinese can be valued by netgen as critical friends to uniting sustainability race for planet and humanity
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Saturday, September 24, 2016

vote for the greatest jobs creator sustaining #learninggeneration
here are 7 wonders of jack ma many of my friends world favorite jobs creator

wonder 1
why  english-chinese languages are celebrated by ma as the most valuable curricula any youth could action learn early on-(the adolescent brain is perfect for practice learning, worst imaginable for being examined to death in a classroom )  the 40 year exponential consequence of wonder 1 was ma turned his home town hangzhou into the epicentre of world social trade for the first time in thousand years - read all about that hangzhou consensus - if you are canadian or italian you can ask your prime minister all about that too - which of the other 17 countries national leaders value world social trade needs global youth and educators to search more than anything else they use  mobile connectivity for if 2015-2030 is to be the #learning generation-things they wanted negotiated in usa, they sent ma.

wonder 2 why it matters to believe that the www is the smartest job creating medium ever
in 1994 because he spoke english so well, ma was snet to ameriuca to sort outr several assignments; there he saw the worldwide web for the first time- his imeediate reactuon: this can be the most rpoductuve sustem the workld has ever enjoyed; thank h[-goodness he took that visin back to china with him and inspired everytone he networked with in hangzhou and beyond to imagine how the web could devlop china and joibs; weestrn hiostory of the second half of the 20th c is full of mkissed opportunities; while the launch if the worldwide web by tim berners lee in 1989 was inspired by a vision of a new world of working oppoirtunitruies and teh smatrtest emdia ever designed, america's big money has mainly been put into designing the web to be an appendix to televisioin adevertising (the dumbert media man ever developed) -see recent quotes from berners lee- the www that I imagkned , we havent seen it yet, hunanity is so much bigger- consequence of ma's vision include in 2015 being appointed to the UN education commisuon and in 2016 being appoited by part of the UN to lead youth entrepreneurship celebrations

wonder 3
how jack ma introduced china's worldwide webs to building 30 value chains in which any hardworking small enterprise and village family could thrive

the proof of any leadership visoin is in the action - since his 1994 life-changing travels to USA, ma has brought a www to china unlike any other the world has seen- his system design celebrates advantage to small enterprises to sell in about 30 different markets see taobao; at same time he makes profit from the rich chinese with the exclusive global merchandise they want on The MALL; however he has done far more- he and carefully selected partners developed a leading position in better value financial services so that the vast majority of chinese people have a stable financial services system which is sustained by success of small and medium enterprise - see alipay and ant financial. Intriguingly ma is better than anyone at maths of big data. And unlike some super-rich bankers in the West,  he applies financial intelligence  to the servant leadership to the development of all of China’s peoples 

wonder 4 Back in 1972 The Economist's Keynsian subeditor founder the curriculum of questioning whether spending 4000 times more on communications technolgies 2030 vresus 1946 would spin humanity to a better or worse state of existence. Individual people heading global oragnsaitions might now be making decisons on global scales that rivaled nature's. Jack Ma talks about big data analysis, others talk about artificial intelligence. Can Ma help mediate tehse back from the future questions:
which sectors can humanity wait no longer to transform - eg beyind carbon power to solar; which global profession analysts are now the cause of greatest compound risks becaue they are profiting from monoplies society granted them to rule over; does this in charge of places understand the revolutionary difference between old world growth by extractuing thimgs and new worl growth that can only cpome from investing ion people.

background  on wonder 1
21st c youth need borderless ftendships and co-work sharing solcial solutions now possible with universal connectivity - eg best peer to peer way to learn languages- what they dont need is to be caught up in elder generation's hatred of each other- ist true nations in 20th century did some horrible thkings to each other in race to extract resources; but that was so very 2o0th cenetory and cannot lead to human sustainability

more background 1976, age 10 ma was an outsider 
his familyhad been theatrical perofmrers  but thuis had become out of favor during cultural revolution
he was mainky bored in school classrooms until one dayhis geogtraphy teacher said: geogtraphy is a very excitibg subject- forexample early today i was at the lake and i asked some toursist where thye came from - i dibdt know the place so they drew me a map- from that day on ma spebt every day at the lake learning how to seak english, guide toursists , develop long term eelationships with english speaking fireigners;from 10-30 he elarnt and thyenh taught english with an enthisduaism g=few jhave ever maytched- so when friends had some ; by stroke of good time 1976 was also the first time inland china started greeting outsiders- notably investirs from the chiense diaspora which was already the 3rd ruichest in the world - english was their global busienss language and the langiuage most of the world's scince was writtne up in- and over the next decade(s) it became critical to devekoping all the growing indsutries of comopeutre technolgy

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