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top Belt Road Maps of 2018 s Entrepreneurial networks best cases in China & Bangla:
BillionGirlsBoys ask: can every banker/educator see their trust in Belt Road's top 100 stories.. Is Trump King Canute? Valueless is The economist whose world trade maps fail poorest billion youth's livelihoods in our children's worldwide

(BRI) Belt Road Imagineering is now trusted by 70 national leaders as empowering the sustainbility generation- which of these 100 stories can help bankers or educators near you join in to this system for mapping win-win trades aligned to the sustainability goals generation? portal 1

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Road quiz : what are your continents longest roads (designed as including all of railroad or car-road, pipes for energy, water, sanitaion; tech cables)- do your peoples have access to the great roads

technology now permis us to play game: which peoples have been most deprived by accidents of history to basic belt road freedoms- among 10 most populated nations no people have been less included than those in bangladesh- tell us where else you map.....................
today offers the livelihood learning network poorest billion communities need most - 40 years ago
online library of norman macrae--.........................Entrepreneurial Revolution - curriculum: how to value small enterprise and sustainability exponentials of net generation - by alumni of Norman Macrae The Economist 1968. By 1976, Norman best news ever: the fifth of the world (whose brand reality is) Chinese can be valued by netgen as critical friends to uniting sustainability race for planet and humanity
eg EWTP : 21st C version of Silk Road of celebrated by Marco Polo and Hangzhou goal 14 oceansAIIB 1 ted hosts -- 2017 year of mapping sustainability banking -china to commercialize 5g by 2020 -valuing culture -jack ma 1 2e3 maps 1) countries joining Chinese inspired sustainability open systems solutions as well as 2) which global youth professions (eg coding) are mapping value sustaining trades with china

Monday, October 30, 2017

greater bay

watch out for the greater bay area - ie shenzhen-hong kong - joint research interests such as blochchain

cross-straits: similarly cgtn clarified today that investments between taiwan businessmen and china get bigger and bigger - don't let the political noise blind you to how much woirld critical innovation stimulated by china-taiwan (unifying economy-tech)

sri lanka national leaders in beijing celebrating 60 years of relationsips with china( (to do find history of friendhip realtionship with china); china says sri lanka can have pivotal role in belt road:
see why from map particularly zone 2 and 7,  8, 0,1
note investments in sri lanka as superport and associated business parks and priotity trading twin zones' what can other island nations benchmark from sri lanka

current bilaterals

this week philippines leader  President Duterte ( visited Japan's ( ) newly re-elected President Abe- Japan to invest 8.5 bn in helping develop 31/10 cgtn manilla metro system and phillipines to help develop peaceful approaches
China and US prepare for trump visit to beijing (note asean development bank ostensibleyled by japan is based in manilla)

tech clarification cgtb china 24 10/30
government ban of tools for private launch of cryptocurrenceis not to be confused with intense social research on blockchains - also like likelihood gov will launch cryptocurrencies to support belt road partnership projects

see also first year of green finance research here  - more at

brazil government wants to open up the Tapajós basin – an area the size of France – for trade with China. The Brazilian government wants to ramp up exports of soya and meat, particularly to China which accounts for 57% of Brazil’s overseas soya sales…Read More>>

More on asean
spaces  Asean plus 3

Footnote context Lim Tai Wei - Note phillipines has ben fastest growing economy inasea and for thes reasons needs upgrading of infrastructure including its fll0d proofing; note recent victory over islamic rebels component of complesx character of Duterte as is his aggressive war on drugs networks
duterte likely to meet trump on his upcoming trip to Asia
rong ying: asean summit 2017 50th anniversary

is abe aiming to revive TTP after US withdrawal -consider also RCP

Problem of Myanmar leadership regarding refugee crisis and border relationship with Bangladesh
north korea

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  • Sunday, October 29, 2017

    1. Marios Maratheftis explains the scale of China's Belt & Road Initiative

      • 2 weeks ago
      For more on China's Belt and Road initiative and its role in global trade, CGTN's Paul Barber spoke to Marios Maratheftis, chief ...

    2. CGTN's reporter Zou Yun explores the Belt and Road Forum

      • 5 months ago
      Some insights from CGTN's talented young chief correspondent who holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge? It's time to ... Why English speaking people including patriotic americans should want trump and jinping to be the world’s best friends.
    China has cracked the code of how public servants can empower a fifth of the world’s people to unite in sustaining a large beautiful nation.
    Jinping knows enough of history to want to share the code with every nation. Neither mother nature nor human jealously will tolerate one 21st C place becoming most beautiful to bring up children while other places become more ugly and hatred filled.
    41 years ago, all Chinese business were state owned. Today 16000 startups are registered a day. Life behind the Great Wall had made china the most disconnected trading space the globe had ever seen a billion people reside in. The moon landing woke up the Chinese. Why are many of our people not yet connected by electricity grids when another network of people are celebrating how the creative of fusion computer and human brains gets to the moon? 
    In just 40 years China has co-created the greatest entrepreneurs communities of people have ever been linked into. English-speaking people are very lucky because China’s wizard ecommerce entrepreneur Jack Ma spent 20 years aged 10 to 30 learning English and travel guiding. Today he is giving back by organizing the most exciting 3000 people learning experiences a day can be used for. See if your place leaders will help him stage the next 
    In terms of wars, the West made the 20th century a dismal one up to 1946. Then we took a huge exponential gamble. Every 7 years we doubled up telecomputing connectivity/networks until today we have over 1000 times more of IT. The world is now literally both round and flat (ie distance is no longer the main cost of growing people-centric economies across generations) 
    A month ago American journalists at 60 minutes broke an extraordinary world trade secret. Grassroot American voters were far smarter than congress. The swing votes elected Trump because facebook had helped him place over 2000 locally customized adverts- what local infrastructure do your main street enterprises need to be value multipliers of worldwide markets? In a flash, Americans were hungry for what it has taken China 41 years of purposeful human spirit to do. 
    Mainland China had only one world-facing advantage in 1976. The Chinese Diaspora had become the third wealthiest financial investors by building and operating the East superports. Suddenly the world’s fourth largest geographic space had become a hub for designing modern trading infrastructures. The largest geographies are 3 USA 2 Canada 1 Russia. When it comes to translating sustainability goals into building the 4 most naturally beautiful large nations of the 21st C , Canada and Russia are all in with trusting Jinping’s entrepreneurial networks. They trust the masterclasses that Xi Jinping and Jack Ma have been open sourcing with every place public servant who wants their peoples empowered to co-create their own dreams for the love of their children’s future possibilities. 
    To be frank with you I haven’t understood the goodwill valutaion of English-speaking big banking for over 20 years now. I spent the 1990s consulting in Big 5 accounting firms and the world’s largest ad agencies. But mathematically their way of valuing communities and people conflicted with everything I have ever explored with my MA in Statistics from Cambridge University So along with 80 nations delegations I went and spied on Korea’s hosting June 2017 of China’s first international summit on banking partnerships half of worldwide youth who live in East need so that the whole region upgrades infrastructure a joyfully as China does. To my joy, most of the meetings were not about finance but practical things we the peoples want networks to do. One of Moon Jae-in’s place governors literally stole the show. He scheduled a free lunch for the first 500 delegates who wanted to participate in green big bang club. This will be the space that unites 2000 place leaders around the world who want their societies to benchmark how to become thriving carbon zero economies as well as naturally beautiful places. 
    Look back with hindsight to 1969: may I humbly suggest Americans missed a trick. What would have happened if space technologies had been open sourced to educate peoples on connecting beautiful places on earth? It was China’s good fortune that 20 years later they did not have any preconceived idea on designing social media round worldwide webs. They required basically Jack Ma and two other leaders to spend up to 20 years testing beautiful ways to connect youth an education and the internet. Since 2008 they have invited humans to co-create the most joyfully productive games linking in local beautiful dreams. Fortunately for those who believe technology can bring the happiness and freedoms USA first declared in 1776, Jack Ma now has enough financial clout to unite Olympian and local dreams be they Chinese speaking, English Speaking, Japanese-speaking .20, French-speaking .24, or California-speaking.28. Its sad that Latin-speaking games were not sustainably led out of Brazil but China-watchers at Brookings inform us that Xi Jinping is establishing a communications channel with Pope Francis on how to correct this. Hopefully they will have time after Pope Francis visit to the Myanmar-Bangladeshi border to work out how Argentina G20 celebrates all the opportunities of Latin Americans beautiful dreams becoming realities. washington dc 240 316 8157


    Saturday, October 28, 2017

    rehearsing xi-trump meeting beijing nov 8 to 10 - brookings negative; brookings positive

    Friday, October 27, 2017

    China’s Belt and Road Initiative in spotlight at IMF-World Bank Meetings

    China's Belt and Road Initiative in spotlight at IMF-World Bank Meetings
    China’s One Belt One Road initiative, has created a buzz in global trade. And it’s in the spotlight during this year’s IMF World Bank gathering.
    Some analysts say, the initiative is providing new opportunities to strengthen trade cooperation.
    CGTN’s Daniel Ryntjes reports.

    This year’s gathering of global financial leaders features a prominent place in the schedule for discussions about the implications of China’s Belt and Road Initiative or BRI. China’s Vice Finance Minister Shi Yaobin said it’s designed as a multilateral project: “We hope and we want to make all of the countries can be shared benefit. So from this point we can see the BRI originated from China, but belongs to world.”
    In previous IMF World Bank gatherings, the two host institutions have endorsed the objectives of the Belt and Road Initiative. But during this forum on the initiative, the World Bank President demonstrated strong support for its vision of encouraging open trade and development.
    “I think two things that the world needs very much right now are strong leadership and an embrace of multilateral approaches to solving difficult problems. And the BRI is both of those things,” Jim Yong Kim said.
    The China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is financing many development projects along the routes of the initiative. So along with spending totaling about $150 billion a year in 68 countries on infrastructure, including major transportation links and hubs, finance leaders here are calling on many of the recipient countries to enable those benefits to accrue by negotiating lower trade tariffs and improving the efficiency of borders to process goods.
    At a time when the Trump administration has been indicating a desire to retreat from multilateralism, the advocates of multilateralism and global trade liberalization see an opportunity to continue the development story with the Belt and Road Initiate playing an important role into the future.

    Marios Maratheftis explains the scale of China’s Belt & Road Initiative