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Friday, February 2, 2018

If you are excited by the opportunity to contribute to the generations whose communications saved the human species from extinction then there is one question that really matters-
How do we take any place we share a responsibility for and design it so our children can grow even better livelihoods than we did as parents and be secure in seeing how to build even better livelihoods for their children

That parts of the Eastern Hemisphre started asking and answering the rejunenation question from the minute world war 2 ended

That around the world a doubling in spend in computing and communications technologies  (C&C "TECH" Revolutions) every 7 year had begun.

That through 1970s and 1980s the west would think about the future globasl vaileg chalenge and the east would get on testing superplaces: superports , super vilages&cities, super border spaces

That from 1990 the world woulf need to come togteher
IR2.1 web games Ir2.2 mobile web games
IR3 End compounding rish of rich and poor nations bodres and smart universal mobile test
-purspoes of fintech and ecommerce amnd transportech - BRIqtest
IR4 back from 2020s realising rejuvenation dream of thriving livelihodds wherever gorls are born
-eg communities ofr sll olynpics purspoes of markets of green health sports education

That the moon landing (or more precisely C&C ingredienst including :
how man and computer networked to be more than their parts
 and satellite telecomunications)
were due to continue this doubling every 7 yera to 2016 (expoential of 2**10 over 1000 times more) or beyond. These post-industrial revolutions would feed one each other until a t least hakf of the most valuable rejuvenation skills would be new to action learn every 5 years)

That the East would become a worldwide web for all youth to linkin to connecting sustainability goials with should be  cause for celebration - and geographically as half of all people of 2015 would live onj 10% of land within a 3000 mile radis of Bijing every nationalty and culyture of human being could celebrate interconnecting their rejuvenation dream with the chinese dream.

What nations need to unite around was demanding win-win trading dsigns in every way that history had failed to win-win

Colonisation was not a win-win trading model

Addiction to dirty carbon-spun energy was not a renewable win-win model (if we failed to chnage that there would be both incrasing wars betwen diferent places of man and all of our speceis with nature)

There would be other challenges of post-indsutrial revolution which could be imagined as being about chnaging education so our mediation of win-win tradees between peopels and places moved way beyonfd producing and consuminth things to hoe we served each other and indeed how we appreciated that collaborative mobilisation of life critical knowhow multiples win-win value in ways that consuming up scare things never could

Unlike the industrial revolution emergence around the steam engine which spread over a quarter of  a millennoium offering very uneven opportunitei to be innovative (eg at time of moon landing up to half of humans still had no access to electricity grods) practocally speaking three generation - grandparent, parent, under 20s i the 2010s would all of the world be intereconnecetd in the same sustainaility goals crisis of opporuntity and risk. Would 7.5 billion peoples map how to play the superplace game wisely enough or would the waay we mediated media fail to live up to mother natures demands on being evolutinary fit

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