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Sunday, January 16, 2022

 Chinese Capitalism will be 50 years old in 2025 : in the sense that non-state companies did not exist before 1976

It is important to learn from the grartest human development miracle (one fifth of the world's people) independently from the politics of nations

China started with a triad - vilage enterpises , supercity enterprsies (ie disapora chinese were invited to inward invest billions at a time primarisly mirroring infrastructure that had risen since 1960 out of singapore, hong kong taiwan in continuing the sueprcityy trend started by  japan's tokyo and korea's seoul 

Every decade its important to ask what happened next to vilage suistainability as well as what happened to the huge growth possibilities iof tegh world's most valuable coastal belt from tokyo to singapore (note multiple interdependecies - chiense coast and coastline south of china to singapore; the main diaspora investiors from taiwan hk singapore; from the point of view of the united states of asia-

you have these north and south coastlibes; then you have to singaopore's east and north asean ; then potentially the cttp- ie every place that depends on pacific trades; and of course you have questions about what hapens to south asia's coastline west of singpare; or thr frozne north asia/arctic belt (the complexity of russia nortyh korea interacting with other energy defining districts of the arctic circel)

from the devleopment viewpoit of a fifth of teh world's people - it was logical to map leagues of cities

the simplest coatal map begins by assuming beijining shaghai taiwan hong kong value each others connections; and all the other major port cities in china's continent design their infrastructure both to match ersponsibilities to vilage china and as win-wins across different industries and natural resourecs; for sure there is confkict here but as fara as capitalism goes the diaspora money investmed in the mainland; the one china policy was driven by extreme capitalism logics

if you care about devleopment of families, communities all across the map of china and its connections with the rest of teh world; it is worth understanding the infrastructure logics of the future of the chiense people (and then asking so whare do national identities fit in)

in other bwords 

you had the 4 original investing city capitals (beijing shanghai taiwan hong kong)

you have other major coastal cities

you have realtionships to non coastal cities including inland belt roads primarily shaped by the realtionships o9f trains and shipping locations

you have integration of rural (food , energyu resources with cities)

and you have the compolexity of about 20 neighbors or near neighbors

sustainability of the asian two thirds of humans comes from mapping these logics at a meta national and deep rural level not just the poilitics between 200 nations the way that eg usa and euroepan union the white empires main startegic planners see future of life